Have A Lot Of Back Pain? Get Chiropractic Treatment For Help


If you have a lot of back pain, you first should see your doctor. In many cases, back pain can be treated without a doctor but in some cases, it is caused by a medical problem. One thing you can do for many types of back pain is to see a chiropractor. Below is information on how they treat you so you can start feeling better. 


On your first appointment, the chiropractor will evaluate you. They will ask questions to determine the type of pain you are having. The chiropractor may ask you if you have had any medical treatment for your pain and if you have what type of treatment. 

The chiropractor will ask how you sit in a chair and the type of chair you sit in all day if you work in an office. They may ask you to bend over to see where the pain is in your back. Once they do an evaluation, they then decide on the type of treatment to give you. 

Chiropractor Treatment

A chiropractor uses their hands, elbows, and sometimes their knees to adjust your spine and joints. They may choose spinal manipulation, which is a common treatment used by chiropractors to treat back pain. The chiropractor uses their hands to move, massage, and apply pressure to the back joints and spine. This also allows them to target where the pain is coming from. When finished, you will have less pain and an improved range of motion. 

There are also manual therapies that are often used for back pain. These therapies will be used along with spinal manipulation in many cases. With this, the chiropractor may use massage, trigger point therapy, and/or myofascial release. All of these therapies help release tension in your back muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 

The chiropractor may ask you to do exercises at home and show you how to do them. These exercises will make your back muscles stronger to help relieve your pain and also prevent further pain in your back. 

Along with these treatments, the chiropractor may offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling to help you with your back pain. This will include making recommendations to your exercise routines, the position that you sleep each night, and discuss changes to how you eat. All of this will also help reduce stress, which in turn can help with back pain as well. 

The chiropractor that you see will go into much more detail about the different types of treatments they offer for back pain. 

For more info about chiropractic care, contact a local professional. 


30 March 2023

Back Pain, Be Gone

Back pain can really interfere with your quality of life. It's hard to even do simple things, like find a comfortable sleeping position, when your back is throbbing or experiencing sharp pains. While there are many approaches to treating back pain, one common option is to see a chiropractor. They know how to adjust your back in a way that takes pressure off your spine. They can also help take pressure off of nerves that are responsible for sending pain signals to your brain. Read a few more articles about chiropractic care on this blog, and you'll come to a better understanding of this work.